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About Us

As a resident of Northeast Minneapolis since 1984 and a sheet metal expert for over 35 years, I use an old world swedish tradition of top-quality metal work. I take pride in producing the best product possible, and strive for world class customer service.

Whether it be residential, commercial, special order or industrial project, I will provide a fair cost estimate. I only use the highest quality locally sourced materials, and the best quality workmanship available-your return business depends on it.

I hire qualified, experienced fabricators with the same core values as mine. “Provide a superior product at a fair price, and the customers will continue to use our services.”

Dave Stolhanske - Owner, Northeast Sheet Metal


Flat Roof Flashings



Counter Flashing

Reglet Flashing



Sloped Roof Flashings

Drip Edge

Gutter Apron


Dormer Flashing

Hip Flashing

Ridge Flashing


Vented Ridge Flashing

Rake Edge Fascia

Step Tins

Chimney Saddles & Flashings

Window Pans

Custom Products

Chimney & Smoke Stack Caps

Planters Boxes

Bay Window Panels

Trim work

Duct Work


Many other custom products available upon request!


At Northeast Sheet Metal we offer a wide variety of services upon request, including but not limited to:

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal supply

On site installation

Custom products & services

We strive for top quality services, production, and world class customer service!

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